Monday, February 3, 2014

Family really is everything…

I'm so glad that everything seems to be going so great at home! :) I can't believe you are giving a talk! I feel like you would never do that haha. I'm a proud daughter. I went to a member’s home and they had one of your signs and I freaked out! haha. I was like thats my mommy!!! I'm trying to spread the word to Indiana about your creativeness :)

Sister Correll she is basically my mother out here haha. She is pretty much like the best person in the world! She bore her testimony on Sunday about missionary work and how grateful she is too be able to teach with us all the time and to have met such an amazing family. Lisa is so amazing! I think I'll be here for her baptism but you never know! Transfers are on the 12th and I think Sister Howard will be leaving me. :( I'm hoping I'll be with a younger missionary so I don't compare myself to these all stars.

We have had a lot of good people help us out this week with getting us place to place. The Elders were even nice and got me Theraflu and 7-up. Sister Robertson hooked us up with chocolate cinnamon bears and chocolate covered Santa. She has a storage of sweets candies she orders from Utah because you can't get those things here. She brought some to us last night she drove up to our door and we just went out and got them. She is like a Sweets dealer here for all the Mormons who know about that stuff haha. Also she is a McDonalds’ Diet coke addict.... So looks like I'm finding you more best friends. She is seriously awesome! :) I just think it's hilarious she has like a food storage of chocolate covered cinnamon bears! haha. 

I pretty much love like everyone in the ward they are like the best people I've ever met. They are all so willing to help in missionary work and being motherly. Sister Couts is our grandma basically :) I can't remember if I told you she taught us how to knit with our arms and she is like a super amazing quilter. Also she is like the funniest person ever! haha. When we first met her she was all formal with us and then we just became best friends! 

I'm feeling a little better. Still can't drive but I'm planning on a better week. One day I had like the most amazing day because I could just feel Grandma helping me. I think of her like always because she really was a missionary to everyone. She has influenced me to be a better person.  We can't find true happiness in worldly things and I think I've come to realize how much you all mean to me. Family really is everything…tell Dad that is not a stupid quote haha. 

We talked about temples on Sunday and I thought of our family and how much temple work there is to be done! I was thinking about how me going on a mission got you guys back to the temple :) Good things are happening. The gospel can really give you confidence and I think you are finding that. :) I am too. It takes time and a lot of work. But it is all worth it. I really hope my brothers can find that. I think about those weirdoes almost every minute haha. I want them to realize what we have and stop taking it for granted.

I miss staying up with you too Dad! Insomniacs for life! haha. I won't be moving away when I get home I'll live with you forever! haha. I told Sister Howard I'm going to be rich enough to have a big house where I can take care of my parents in. I hope you are okay with that. :) I love you guys so much! 
Keep being Legit! 

Sister Brooks

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