Monday, January 13, 2014

This week has been so crazy!

Hello Mom!

This week has been so crazy! It hasn't been the most productive because I've been feeling pretty sick so I went to the doctors in Carmel on Friday and spent like the whole day there. We went to the mission home and talked with President and Sister Cleveland. It seriously feels like being home visiting there. I love it! Then we went and ate delicious Thai food!

Saturday we had a lesson with Symone she actually came to church during the storm last Sunday which was crazy! Since not even half the members showed up haha. She is a single mom with two cute little girls. One of the members in the ward actually told us about her. They were on the same bus and it was raining outside and she didn't know that the bus couldn't take her closer to her house. So Brother Peterson called up his wife to come and take them home. So now we are teaching her! The members here have seriously helped us out so much! I love the ward a ton! 
We taught Lisa on Saturday and it seriously felt like walking into a member’s home! She just is so much happier already! She can't wait to be baptized.

I miss Dad too! I keep thinking about the concert we went to and what a blast that was! I really miss music so much! It would be cool if you sent me and I-home and music :) Maybe even some Brandon Flowers songs well probably just 'On the Floor'. It's about prayer so I think it's uplifting! haha. Oh no! I've been thinking about Grandpa a lot! Is he doing alright? I got a pair of shoes at JCP…I missed my combat boots! haha. They are more mission appropriate than my Doc Martens though. Mom you are awesome! All the missionaries are jealous that you send me so much stuff haha. They are like who is this woman?!

Lisa told people at her work that she was investigating the church and they told her that we would make her quit drinking diet coke. She was so worried she wouldn't be able to be baptized because she loves diet coke and she saw a flyer for addiction recovery in the church and was like I need to go for my diet coke addiction! hahaha! I thought of you and I was like dang my mom needs to go to diet coke addiction recovery. 

We went and saw Jane the other day and she asked if we "got our paws on a D&C" She has been asking about us getting her a doctrine and covenants forever so I finally just ordered a $5 one. I hope it gets here soon because she I think it would cheer her up! She lives in like this apartment for older people and we made puzzles with her and these old people sitting next to us were playing the most violent game of UNO I've ever heard haha.

Well nothing else too interesting happened this week probably because I just talked to you on Wednesday. I love you all! I hope that you are all making good choices!

Remember who you are and what you stand for! 

Sister Brooks

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