Monday, June 30, 2014

This is the sickest mission on the earth!

Dude the weather here just got so real haha. Some of the computers in the library went out so if you get this you should consider yourself lucky. :) Utah storms ain't got nothing on the Midwest. 

So our district is pretty great!  We are all going to lunch today and our DL called last night and was like hey what are you doing for lunch tomorrow? Then he was like wait it totally sounds like I'm asking you on a date haha! Then the other day Elder Twitchell was trying to give me a compliment apparently haha. I was talking about my brothers and he was like "wait you don't have any sisters? Is that why you are so masculine?" I was like uhhh I'm masculine?! then he was like no you just aren't one of those pretty girls your like a tom boy. haha It was super awkward because he kept like digging himself deeper. He said he was trying to say is that I'm so laid back. But now I'll never forget someone called me masculine. Bro for life right there, I had a nightmare I got bro-zoned for life.

So we went to the Elder Steab and Twitchell's investigator's baptism and it was cool to see one of my MTC homies have his first baptism. They were tearing up a little when we were singing it was pretty adorable haha.

I got the guitar book I've looked at it a few times but lunch time I try to use for naps :) That is so exciting you guys are going to a niners game! I wish that I could go! haha. I'm also really jealous you get to see Uncle Shawn I miss that guy!
I'm glad they liked my chicken picture. Thanks Indiana mom's facebook page it means a lot! 

Health wise I'm doing pretty fantastic! I think eating better and exercise really have been helping me out. #Livingthewordofwisdomfordays

So I think for the 4th of July we aren't really supposed to go outside. We have weekly planning in the morning for three hours and then we have the rest of the day 1-9 pm. Which will be super weird! I think I'll definitely take a nap! We have dinner with the Petty's I think. 

So yesterday we were tracting and this lady answered the door and was like I'm the last person you want to talk to. Then she came outside and said she had a PHD in religious studies. At first I was like oh no she is going to anti us haha. Then she just started going off about how much she loves Mormons! It was the craziest tracting experience I've had yet haha. She knew like every part of our church history. But she was a little drunk so she called the handcarts wheel barrels. She was like Joseph Smith had so much faith he did whatever God told him. Then she was talking about the pioneers and how they traveled west and was like you girls are amazing going out her doing this you have no fear, when you are out walking around remember the wheel barrels and how they pushed them all the way to Utah. haha. She then went off about how the Elders always stop by her house when her kids are sick. She was like every time one of my kids are sick I always look at my watch and I'm like hey where are the hot guys? She thinks Mormons are the most attractive people ever haha. She seriously pumped us up though she was like you girls have no fear my neighbor is a racist southern baptist preacher but I'm sure you will stop by him anyways haha. She was like I'm soooo excited you are here on my porch right now I'm going to talk to my class about how great Mormons are tomorrow haha. 

President said this to me this week "Every time I read your letters, it puts a smile on my face. Thank you for coming back and being so diligent." It pumped me up! :) I'm just so happy to be a missionary! This is the sickest mission on the earth! 

I love you guys!

Sister Brooks

Monday, June 23, 2014

It is soooooo hot here I'm dying...

This week has been pretty stellar it went by pretty quickly. So here is to another transfer!!! haha. So we ran into a guy who had missionaries in his home like 20 years ago all the time. He loves missionaries! We talked to him in the parking lot of his apartment complex for like 2 hours. We asked him if he had ever taken the discussions and he said no but the elders would hang out at their house and watch movies all the time. So yeah this guy has never even been taught about the restoration. Imma kill those elders! haha. So that was a little upsetting but we are happy that we will get to teach him. :) He is a little obsessed with Starbucks so that could be a possible problem in the future. But we will get there...
It is soooooo hot here I'm dying. We went tracting the other day and we talked to this lady standing on her porch for an hour and the sun was just straight killing us. We took a taco bell icee break in the mall. That felt really weird to be in a mall haha. We took disgusting pictures in the photo booth because we were bright red and sweaty haha. I'll have to send you some sometime. But dang those
icee's were great!  

I did lose 10 pounds probably from the heat! Actually we have been going hard in the gym every morning. So it has been nice.
We were gardening for 4 hours on Saturday and I thought I was going to die I have never been in weather like that! Soooo hot!!! I drank like 3 bottles of water in 10 minutes haha. I was trying not to look too pathetic so I just kept pulling weeds in the shade whenever I took a break. 

We took Dola a chicken sandwich from Wendy's on Thursday I guess her husband used to buy them for her all the time. She was so happy. Gosh I love that lady! 

Friday we taught Austin, Logan and Tyler. So that was sweet! We were going to give Austin a church tour but like every single vacuum was going so we just taught him instead.
Saturday we took Austin to a baptism of a 9 year old. There were so many missionaries there! Like 6 sets
We have a new DL and he is hilarious! He reminds me of Dallon. 

The other day there was this sweet old lady picking up leaves so we went to talk to her. She told us how her husband had recently passed away and he always did the yard work. Then she just started crying. It was seriously heart breaking to see this lady cry. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and she told us we could come back sometime and she wanted to make us dessert. Widows make me soooo sad. Visit all of them! haha. 

Yeah the elders got my package at transfer meeting so we are good. For some reason Sister Steadman didn't know I was on medicine... I was like well that is the only reason I was able to come back haha. 
The weather hasn't been too crazy just really hot! I'm not used to it. And there were some storms. I saw Elder Anderson at church yesterday because he got transferred into one of the wards that attend our building. So that was cool to see him. 

I miss you too! I've been having really bad dreams and sometimes I just want my momma!

Thanks for sending that stuff! I got the guitar book and CD thanks mom!!!
Maybe put my monster stuffed animal I kind of miss it haha. 

Love you!
Sister Brooks

Friday, June 20, 2014

We now have 5 progressing investigators!

Hello There!
So we will both be staying in Greenwood for another 6 weeks! So that is good news :) We can still baptize someone together haha. We have a lot of people to get prepared! 

This week has been pretty great! Chloe, Logan and Tyler all came to church! We went to the 12 year old class with them haha. So that was a little different than our normal Sunday schedule.

We took a lot of pictures with people this week in case one of us got transferred so I'm sure you will be happy with that :)

So I think our zone got quite a few changes last night! We will have to see today. We really thought one of us was leaving because for some reason the 'your both staying' text didn't get to us. So it was like almost 10 and we still didn't know our zone leaders told one of the assistants and they called to tell us we would both be staying. Sister Warner was crying because she thought she was going to leave.

We now have 5 progressing investigators! That is a lot better than the 0 we started with at the beginning of the transfer. I really think the summer time is flying by the cold winter made transfers go by so slow haha. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already! I still feel like I just got here sometimes. 
That is really cool about the mission calls :) It's crazy they are already old enough.

Oh I found the Hyundai key!!!! It was in my jacket pocket for some reason. I'll have to send it to you sometime. 

We had a 4 hour lesson with Austin. It was pretty wild! He is a bible major so he kind of knows a lot more than I do haha. I'm just like hey I know that the church is true! 
I'm like all of the sudden really bad at emailing I don't know what to say to you guys haha.  I'm really not sure why I'm like out of things to say haha. But I love you guys! :) 

Sister Brooks

Monday, June 9, 2014

This week went by like really quick!

Yeah I have like extremely bad allergies haha. Every morning when I wake up my voice isn't even audible. But I did buy Allegra today, I bought the Wal-Mart brand. I really hope it cures me. So people don't think I'm a smoking missionary.  

Well not sure about transfers but Sister Warner told President last night when we were at Why I Believe that she thinks I should train haha. He was like oh she will get to train. So whatever that means. I don't think it will be this transfer but maybe the next. I feel pretty ready to do it though. It's so crazy transfers are this next week! I think our zone might be getting pretty mixed up because everyone has been here forever. But no one really ever knows with President Cleveland haha. 

So yesterday was Why I Believe...which basically is a testimony meeting where recent converts share their stories. It is super awesome! They have it every month I just didn't get to go in Lafayette because we never had anyone to bring. We brought two people yesterday. It was a great experience and I got to see some of my best friends! :) 

I don't think I told you about Dola she is a less active member because her husband was a member of a baptist church so she never really came to our church. She is the sweetest old lady ever! And super hilarious! Her husband passed away in February and it has been really hard on her. Her daughter who takes care of here isn't a member and we are working with her too. They are the cutest people though! Dola hadn't been to church in years and she came yesterday with her daughter and it was the greatest! Dola has the best stories too she told us about how when she was younger and they couldn't afford rubber so their underwear had buttons instead of elastic. I just love her!
We invited Lone Eagle to be baptized and he said not yet but that is progress to I've already been baptized. We will have to see! I just picture Lone Eagle bearing his testimony and it taking up the entire hour haha. He is quite the story teller. It's so great to picture him being a member :) Someday!
I went to steak and shake for the first time! It was super delicious! I really dig it!
We had a combined District meeting this week... It was a little Jack haha. It was birthday party themed and Elder Sorenson passed out a Dora the Explorer coloring page and told us to draw the first vision. Our District is pretty fun though! 
This week went by like really quick! I can't remember what happened already haha. I just really love being out here though! I could do without the allergies but it's cool. 
I really miss dad. Everyone I talk to about him really wants to meet him haha. I tell people he is a 47 year old man with the personality of a 16 year old. I love that weirdo!  I miss you too mom! I sometimes just really need a diet coke run haha.

I love you guys so much! 

Love ya! 
Sister Brooks