Monday, August 25, 2014

My mission president is going to let me Skype teach!

So this week I got some sort of virus or something. I thought I had strep it wasn't fun but I'm finally over it thank goodness it was rough but we still met most of our teaching goals. 

Zone conference went good just role played for like 8 hours straight and we were all extremely exhausted and stressed out because they filmed all of our role plays. We had to watch them back and it was pretty awful to see yourself on camera haha. But we did learn how to be better missionaries. Basically role plays for dayz. 

I'm excited G-pa & Debbie are getting married! You guys need a cut out of me there :) haha. 

So I already told you this but for everyone else who reads these emails or whatever my mission president is going to let me skype teach! :D YAY! So dear friends and family who want to learn more about what I do as a missionary or what we believe I'm allowed to set up skype appointments. Pretty much the most exciting news! I found out yesterday and it was hard to sleep thinking about it. Missionary dreams are pretty wild man. My companion says whenever I talk in my sleep I'm teaching or planning lessons haha. 

You should film Dallon's game for me :) That would be pretty great! I wish I could be there. Every time we drive by football players I always wish I could watch them play haha. I never even thought I really liked football but I miss it now. 

Johnny and Lone Eagle were at church this week! Sister Oskins gave a talk this week so it was sitting in the middle of them and I just thought missionaries are weird. We bring the coolest people to church with us though :)

We had the BBQ this last weekend and Lone Eagle came and played cornhole.. he beat me. I did get one beautiful throw in there thought you should have heard the crowd! haha. #btdubs cornhole is the game of the hoosiers they love that game.

It rained super bad so we didn't have fireworks which was really sad but it was still fun. I played basketball until 9:30 since we already had permission to be out. I felt like such a rebel! living on the edge for sure haha. 

Well I love you and hopefully all goes well for Saturday Skype lesson! 
Sister Brooks

 I made little cheesecakes for district meeting. I really felt like my mother in that moment haha

 on exchanges with Sister Vidmar 

 Steven scares me on a regular basis
(only Sierra names a  scary doll after her mission President!)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crystal was baptized! :)

I'm good I miss you guys a lot! How is the Maggie Puppy? You guys should fly her here sometime. haha.

Did you send a letter this week? I don't think I got one from you. Maybe I did I got a few letters this week but I can't remember who they were from. I'll check today.

Sister Petty told me Dallon made the team I was bragging about it haha. I miss my brothers! Just before I went to sleep yesterday I was like I want to watch stupid youtube videos with Dallon. The mountain dew guy!... gosh dang it I can't remember his name.. Francis? I think was Francis haha.
I really like scrapbooking if I ever have time I just cut pictures out of the ensign and scrapbook them because I'm a loser. But creating things really helps relieve stress. 
I feel like not too much happened this week. But the weekend was good...Lone Eagle came to church again and Crystal was baptized! :) We had dinner with their family afterwards and she was super happy! She said she feels like she doesn't have to worry so much about what happens after this life.

 Hopefully we can find some more new people to teach and just keep the area strong!

Ohhh yes the other day we went on exchanges and I was with Sister Randall and we saw a middle aged man riding a motorcycle listening to "turn down for what" I was laughing my butt off! He had it playing so loud and he was sitting at this stoplight for like 5 minutes. Rare species of old men who listen to crappy rap music haha. It was hilarious.

Well I love you guys!
Sister Brooks

Spock it and lock it. this picture is for father haha

I held a hamster!


I tried to take a sky selfie

So beautiful  

The best people :)  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

We had 5 people at church this last Sunday!

Hello derrr!
Transfers went pretty well! It was good to see some of my homies. I have one of the same zone leaders and sister training leaders as I did in West Lafayette. So that'll be wild! Just like old times but not… haha. 

R. CAME TO CHURCH! Oh my gosh! So not sure if I told you about R. but when we first got to the area I saw his teaching record in the former's and had a prompting to call him. He was all about us coming over and teaching him. He is a recovering drug addict and he tends to lie a lot. He kept telling us he was ready to be baptized and start coming to church. He never did so we stopped teaching him because he was lying and not committed. So the other day we drove by his house and I had a feeling we should stop by just to see how he was. We invited him to church and as usual he said he would be there. I didn't think he would come because he always says yes and then calls and says he is in the hospital...I still hoped he would come. He actually showed up! It seriously was a miracle. Also really shocking haha. Pretty much all of the elders told me to give up hope in him changing and it really made me super angry. I don't know why a lot of the Elders are just so bitter about life haha.

The mission is hard but I really don't think we should just completely give up on people because they can't keep commitments. Heavenly Father is seriously always there for us and doesn't give up that easy. So why should we as his tools give up easy? I understand we need to spend our time fulfilling our purpose to teach and baptize but these people need love and patience. 

We had 5 people at church this last Sunday! It was awesome! K. who has been investigating the church on and off for 20 years is getting baptized this Sunday. She told us we were the best missionaries ever. It seriously made me so happy! She has met like a lot of missionaries’ haha. 

Lone Eagle wants to get baptized but not sure if completely understands the difference of being baptized in our church compared to other churches. He finally came to church this Sunday! He didn't make it to church at 9 so he came to church at 1. So we went to sacrament meetings yesterday. It was a little exhausting but worth it. He seemed to like it and said he learned from it. Hopefully he understands the priesthood authority soon. That was his first time at church though so we will see. I love that guy! One of the Elders told us we should stop teaching him too. So frustrating. 

Johnny came to church again this week and he bore his testimony in sacrament meeting! He wouldn't go up until I did haha. His testimony was killer though! Everyone shook his hand afterward.

We had this kid walk into our church just because he wanted to go to church! It was super neat! I think the Elders are going to teach him. Also this entire family walked in that wanted to go to church! That never happens! The miracles of fasting are so amazing! We just had so many miracles happen yesterday like our five people at church. 

Hopefully good things keep happening! 

I love and miss you all! 
Sister Brooks

Johnny my BFF

She is a member and we are teaching her non-member boyfriend  who gives us free frosty at Wendy's. He is the nicest boy!

Me and my Grandma Dola :) I love her so much!


 My family away from home haha. Seriously Brother M. is my spirit animal I love that guy!  His wife is the one getting baptized and he has just been reactivated but he is going to baptize her! I'm so excited!