Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some good stuff happened...

I'm doing good! Finally recovering from the flu or whatever I just had for this whole last week. I pretty much slept a lot this week because I felt like dying. Maybe it's ebola? haha. So it has been kind of a rough week. But still some good stuff happened.

So we had dinner with the guy who invited us over when we traced into him. It was pretty sweet! that has never happened my whole mission. So it was weird I was like okay we should tract this street than I was like hey we should just knock on some of the doors we feel prompted to. So I saw that guy’s door and he said he wasn't really interested but then had a conversation with us and invited us over haha. He said when he told his wife that he invited two young missionary girls over she was like what the? okay. He said he usually just tells the missionaries to leave but he said something that I said got him. I'm pretty sure that is what we call the spirit? haha. That was pretty neat. They are actually looking for a church because the Methodist church they attend decided to change their stand on marriage. They now agree with it. So now we have a sweet possible teaching opportunity. They are super nice people! He said he just met us and thought of his granddaughters walking around and getting rejected and really wanted to help us out. We will see if anything comes out of that.

Then we have this investigator who thinks we are like a charity source and she called and asked for a fridge, stove, dishwasher and basically a butt load of household items haha. She has a bit of a mental problem but I thought it was kind of funny she is asking two 20 year olds. 

Everyone keeps telling us how rough this area is and it is kind of driving me insane haha. I'm pretty sure we are going to see some miracles and great things will happen :)
Not sure if I told you two of the Elders I served with in Greenwood are in my ward here too haha. Stalkers!

I actually go home on august 11...the transfer isn't until then.
I miss you guys a lot! You should for sure write me letters or something.

Well I love ya!
Sister Brooks

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