Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Life is a blur haha...

I'm pretty close so I will get to see Lone Eagle speak at why I believe. I called him yesterday and just ended up crying when I hung up because I miss that guy already! He was like "love ya sweetheart give me a buzz sometime!" haha classic Lone. I really want you guys to meet him someday. When he goes to the temple can we come back?! :) Elder Twitchell already told him he is going to be his escort haha.

Training is going good. Life is a blur haha. My companion is really awesome! She is from Woods Cross, Utah so close to Uncle B's hometown. She is already super great at teaching and killing it out here. We are just working on the finding part of things mostly. We tracted into this guy the other day who thought I was Sue Brooks which is a lady who is running for some local office. He invited us for dinner sometime. So that will be cool. Maybe something will come from it.

It is harder but not like killing me. I just have to be a little bit better of an example but I feel like it was kind of the same in Greenwood. It is just crazy not knowing anything about the area really. I did have one panic attack during district meeting which was super embarrassing. We were role playing in front of other missionaries and after we finished the role play and we were evaluating I just started crying and I really didn't know why. So all the elders probably think I'm a crazy. Well actually Elder Brinkerhoff who I was serving with in my last ward for 4 1/2 months is in the same ward again but he is a ZL now. And also Elder Bruckman who I served around for 41/2 months is in my same ward again haha. So they both already knew I was a crazy. Our ward has four sets of missionaries... because there are 350 less active/ inactive people and 150 active. So we work with less actives on the daily haha. We have a Sr. couple and we call them grandma and grandpa haha. We eat lunch and take Sunday naps at their house as a district. Then we have two sets of elders and then one set of sisters which are us.

Yeah I think it is safe to send packages. haha. Our first night there was like this domestic dispute and we heard the f bomb like 1,000 times and then a bunch of cops showed up. But that happens everywhere. Just thought it was a nice welcome to my new area.
The ward so far is awesome but I have only been here since Wednesday and still don't really know anything or very many people. But we will get there haha.

We have two investigators and their names are Cierra and Chelsea. They are 16 and 21 and super cute! :)
Well I love ya!
Sister Brooks

Too many Goodbyes...


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