Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trapped in our apartment for three days...

Hello there Family!

I know its three days late but we have been trapped in our apartment for three days... Well we got out to go to Walmart yesterday and we went to a members house for dinner. When we were driving to dinner we actually got our car trapped and we had a little tiny shovel to dig it out so we started moving snow. Then SIX snow plows came up behind us! We thought that maybe one of the six men could possibly get out and help us but no... They decided it would be really awesome to drive next to us and pile all of the snow on top of our car! So we then decided to walk to our appointment because our little baby shovel couldn't get us out. It was so stressful! 

But the member helped us out and our car was safe. Everyone was in such bad moods in that neighborhood because they haven't plowed. This crazy guy stood in front of one of the plows and was just screaming at the guy telling him that he needed to plow his driveway. HAHA! It was pretty hilarious!

Hopefully we can do some missionary work today. The roads are still straight up ice! But I think that they will probably be melting soon. 
We have 11:30 church now and we had an investigator come on Sunday even with the crazy weather! Classes were canceled though so we just had sacrament.

What!? Someone seriously paid for me?! That is the coolest thing ever! Goodness! Who are these people? And I'm only a Brooks! haha. I can't even believe people are so nice! Thank you anonymous person! I love you! :)

Things are going pretty well! Two more people in Lisa's family committed to baptism! I really hope I will be here in March.

I'm not the Greenie anymore because our zone got two more Greenies. We have been really blessed with member support and tons of referrals! I really love our ward! The people are super awesome! They sometimes laugh at my really lame jokes too.

Mom... I'm getting so fat! Like seriously we never stop eating! We have food and water so don't worry! haha. We didn't do anything for New Years... because we are missionaries. We had to be in at 6 so we just updated some of our files and stuff like that.

Yay letters! I'm sorry I have been so terrible at writing back my hand cramps up haha. I wrote all my thank you card though so don't worry!
This week has been so crazy already! I love you all! 


Sister Brooks

Some of the members homes that
Sierra refers to as Castles!

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