Friday, June 20, 2014

We now have 5 progressing investigators!

Hello There!
So we will both be staying in Greenwood for another 6 weeks! So that is good news :) We can still baptize someone together haha. We have a lot of people to get prepared! 

This week has been pretty great! Chloe, Logan and Tyler all came to church! We went to the 12 year old class with them haha. So that was a little different than our normal Sunday schedule.

We took a lot of pictures with people this week in case one of us got transferred so I'm sure you will be happy with that :)

So I think our zone got quite a few changes last night! We will have to see today. We really thought one of us was leaving because for some reason the 'your both staying' text didn't get to us. So it was like almost 10 and we still didn't know our zone leaders told one of the assistants and they called to tell us we would both be staying. Sister Warner was crying because she thought she was going to leave.

We now have 5 progressing investigators! That is a lot better than the 0 we started with at the beginning of the transfer. I really think the summer time is flying by the cold winter made transfers go by so slow haha. I can't believe it has been 6 weeks already! I still feel like I just got here sometimes. 
That is really cool about the mission calls :) It's crazy they are already old enough.

Oh I found the Hyundai key!!!! It was in my jacket pocket for some reason. I'll have to send it to you sometime. 

We had a 4 hour lesson with Austin. It was pretty wild! He is a bible major so he kind of knows a lot more than I do haha. I'm just like hey I know that the church is true! 
I'm like all of the sudden really bad at emailing I don't know what to say to you guys haha.  I'm really not sure why I'm like out of things to say haha. But I love you guys! :) 

Sister Brooks

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