Monday, June 9, 2014

This week went by like really quick!

Yeah I have like extremely bad allergies haha. Every morning when I wake up my voice isn't even audible. But I did buy Allegra today, I bought the Wal-Mart brand. I really hope it cures me. So people don't think I'm a smoking missionary.  

Well not sure about transfers but Sister Warner told President last night when we were at Why I Believe that she thinks I should train haha. He was like oh she will get to train. So whatever that means. I don't think it will be this transfer but maybe the next. I feel pretty ready to do it though. It's so crazy transfers are this next week! I think our zone might be getting pretty mixed up because everyone has been here forever. But no one really ever knows with President Cleveland haha. 

So yesterday was Why I Believe...which basically is a testimony meeting where recent converts share their stories. It is super awesome! They have it every month I just didn't get to go in Lafayette because we never had anyone to bring. We brought two people yesterday. It was a great experience and I got to see some of my best friends! :) 

I don't think I told you about Dola she is a less active member because her husband was a member of a baptist church so she never really came to our church. She is the sweetest old lady ever! And super hilarious! Her husband passed away in February and it has been really hard on her. Her daughter who takes care of here isn't a member and we are working with her too. They are the cutest people though! Dola hadn't been to church in years and she came yesterday with her daughter and it was the greatest! Dola has the best stories too she told us about how when she was younger and they couldn't afford rubber so their underwear had buttons instead of elastic. I just love her!
We invited Lone Eagle to be baptized and he said not yet but that is progress to I've already been baptized. We will have to see! I just picture Lone Eagle bearing his testimony and it taking up the entire hour haha. He is quite the story teller. It's so great to picture him being a member :) Someday!
I went to steak and shake for the first time! It was super delicious! I really dig it!
We had a combined District meeting this week... It was a little Jack haha. It was birthday party themed and Elder Sorenson passed out a Dora the Explorer coloring page and told us to draw the first vision. Our District is pretty fun though! 
This week went by like really quick! I can't remember what happened already haha. I just really love being out here though! I could do without the allergies but it's cool. 
I really miss dad. Everyone I talk to about him really wants to meet him haha. I tell people he is a 47 year old man with the personality of a 16 year old. I love that weirdo!  I miss you too mom! I sometimes just really need a diet coke run haha.

I love you guys so much! 

Love ya! 
Sister Brooks

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