Sunday, August 17, 2014

Crystal was baptized! :)

I'm good I miss you guys a lot! How is the Maggie Puppy? You guys should fly her here sometime. haha.

Did you send a letter this week? I don't think I got one from you. Maybe I did I got a few letters this week but I can't remember who they were from. I'll check today.

Sister Petty told me Dallon made the team I was bragging about it haha. I miss my brothers! Just before I went to sleep yesterday I was like I want to watch stupid youtube videos with Dallon. The mountain dew guy!... gosh dang it I can't remember his name.. Francis? I think was Francis haha.
I really like scrapbooking if I ever have time I just cut pictures out of the ensign and scrapbook them because I'm a loser. But creating things really helps relieve stress. 
I feel like not too much happened this week. But the weekend was good...Lone Eagle came to church again and Crystal was baptized! :) We had dinner with their family afterwards and she was super happy! She said she feels like she doesn't have to worry so much about what happens after this life.

 Hopefully we can find some more new people to teach and just keep the area strong!

Ohhh yes the other day we went on exchanges and I was with Sister Randall and we saw a middle aged man riding a motorcycle listening to "turn down for what" I was laughing my butt off! He had it playing so loud and he was sitting at this stoplight for like 5 minutes. Rare species of old men who listen to crappy rap music haha. It was hilarious.

Well I love you guys!
Sister Brooks

Spock it and lock it. this picture is for father haha

I held a hamster!


I tried to take a sky selfie

So beautiful  

The best people :)  

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