Monday, October 20, 2014

I am leaving the G-wood for a new home...

Party People!
Tis true I am leaving the G-wood for a new home of which I have no idea where I'll be headed. But I do know that I will become a mother this transfer of a green missionary. She shall be a holiday baby and we will have Christmas together! I'm pretty excited. It is about to get real wild in my life. I haven't seen a change in quite some time! I can't believe the day has come! But now there is going to be a butt load of change in my life. No more Jetta, Lone Eagle, Gym, companion who knows how to do missionary work, possibly no more Chickfila!?! :( haha. nah it's all good though I'm so ready to grow and become a better missionary! I have this feeling that I'll be going to a little bit of a Ghetto because G-wood has been pretty classy. It's my time. haha just wait I'll get called to the classiest place now because I think that. 

Missionary work is actually a lot harder in the classier places because a lot of wealthy people feel that they don't need god in their lives :(  West Lafayette had a lot of that in the mixture. I remember tracting in this rich neighborhood and getting almost every door automatically in our face. But then you hit up the trailer park and everyone is like oh come in are you cold you need water? It is so amazing the difference in those who have material things and those who have heart. I really think those who have heart are much happier than those with materials. There are some really great rich people too somewhere. Just haven't met them yet. So I was thinking about Shark Tale everyone always tells me that it is a ghetto version of Finding Nemo because yes I use Shark Tale in some lessons as an example haha. But that movie really has a good moral like don't miss out on what you have right now and how he kept wanting to be at the top of the reef when he already had everything at the bottom. Not sure why I went off on that tangent but there you go. 

You’re really going to commit to a handwritten letter every week? That is wild mom. haha. 
I'm for sure going to miss this place but I'm ready for some change. I'm really going to miss all the Widows we visit. I think that is something I want to do for the rest of my life. It really brings great joy to talk to these wicked sweet strong women. 

Well I love you guys! :) 
Choose the right and let the consequence follow y'all! 

Sister Brooks

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