Monday, October 13, 2014

a pretty wild week...

It has been a pretty wild week in the fact that I'm not sure where the heck it went haha.

We had two 4 hour meetings this week and it kind of threw me off. We got to see Meet the Mormons though and that was really good :) I recommend seeing it for sure! I wish that it was already on DVD. They are planning on having it on Netflix I guess and President said that once it comes out we will be able to watch it with people! That will be cool. 

There was also Why I Believe this week and it was a really awesome time. They have missionaries who are about to leave bear their testimonies at the end and Sister Howard bore her testimony and I was just crying. I never realized how much of a mother she was to me haha. She said something about how companions mold us and shape us. It's so true she helped me out so much when I was going through a really hard time. I love that girl!

Oh I was wondering how is Doctor Ditty?
My back is doing a lot better my leg is actually more of the problem now. But I should start this week. (She is starting physical therapy)
Grandma and Grandpa will always be together :)

Well I love ya guys!
Sister Brooks

Last time I'll see Sister Howard in the mission :(

Bought this hat for 50 cents haha    
for bunco we play it with our zone.  
The Indianapolis Zoo!

The Jettta :)

Hayden made me this scarf! Isn't that the nicest?!

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