Monday, November 25, 2013

Yep I'm in West Lafayette...

Mom! I can't believe it's your 40th birthday! I remembered when we were doing weekly planning and I was like oh my gosh it's December this week! So Happy Birthday Mom! :) It is so crazy how time flies! It already has been flying for me here. Yep I'm in West Lafayette, I’m not sure that it is like a huge city haha.
It's like a big college town though. Purdue University is right here so pretty much everyone in my ward lives in mansions and are professors or graduate students there. We have been getting feed every night and I swear we go to a new mansion every day. We went to a plastic surgeons house for dinner the other day. It's really funny though because we basically live in the ghetto. Our ward is so huge like bigger than any ward that I have been to in Utah and I thought that was really crazy! There are so many members here willing to help the missionaries and they all love going to lessons with us! :) President Cleveland decided that he wants elders and sisters in every ward so we have elders in our ward too and they are extremely weird haha.

Don’t worry our apartment came fully equipped with ghetto bedding I'll send you a picture haha.
It is so freezing here so if you would like to send me more wool socks and those boots I would love you forever!!!

I miss you too! I met this lady tracting yesterday who reminded me of you like a ton except she was Catholic and didn't want us to come back haha. Oh I need to tell you guys a funny story! So my first day tracting we met a guy named Melvin and he asked us on a date to the red lobster haha! He is a really nice guy and I hope he becomes a new investigator. He actually just moved here from Chicago to get away from his gang. He was telling us how he wasn't sure if he wanted to talk about Jesus because apparently then Jesus would know all the wrong that he has done. haha.

We get to go play bingo with these cute old ladies every week and it was really funny because the lady I was playing with won like five times and she kept shoving her chocolate bars in her belly folds every time she won one and then she offered me some haha. Nasty! But seriously she is adorable!

So I'm not sure if you heard about the tornadoes in Kokomo here? But we got to do this super amazing service project there and clean up all the debris left. It was so crazy seeing all these houses totally torn up! You can probably look up about the service project I think I might be in some of the videos if you look. We got to wear the sweet Mormon helping hands vest which has always been a dream of mine! haha.

I love my companion! We are seriously like best friends already! She is super awesome! I hope you guys get to meet her someday she is from Parker Idaho. We already have like a billion inside jokes because you know that’s how I roll haha.

The people here are really nice! We met this guy Bill tracting the other day and he has 7 kids and is basically a Catholic version of a Mormon haha. I really hope we can teach his whole family! :)
I swear I'm going to get so fat the members really take care of us haha.

I miss Bradley's jokes and I met this Elder who is so much like Dallon oh my gosh! I can't even imagine him teaching people he is such a jokester haha.

We have a full P- day on Thursday and just like 3 hours today so that will be fun to get to know more people!

Well I love you guys! Write me some letters it really helps!

Happy Birthday! And Happy Thanksgiving Homies! Pray always!

Sister Brooks

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