Monday, December 2, 2013

I like your witness...

Hello Family! 

Mom you are hilarious and I love you to death! haha. Thanks for all the packages! These boots are seriously amazing and I'm not sure if I will ever stop wearing them and my bed is so comfy and warm :) and the crescent rolls were seriously AMAZING! haha. I was so excited when I opened those!

So we ate at one of the mission president counselor’s house for thanksgiving and I took the craft and so all of us missionaries were cutting puppets out and we actually had a puppet show haha. I forgot to take pictures though :/ but I think they might be on that facebook page or something. It was a lot of fun though so thanks for that :)
Everyone is telling me that I'm going to need my own car for transfers haha. But there are like two things that I really want a photo album with just a ton of pictures with friends and family (and Bradley's girlfriend haha). Just like the dumb ones on facebook with like Gretta, Jake, Maria and Skyler and then just like family ones because I just want to show all of you off! haha. and I really miss looking at pictures. Then just some music because I'm going a little insane!! haha. Maybe Motab even! But seriously those packages made me so happy thanks for them all! The beef jerky and all the warm stuff it really is so awesome! I loved the little notes in them you are so cute Mom! 

My apartment is really safe we have a picture of Jesus on the front door. This lady who dropped of one of the packages was like…I like your witness and then she walked away haha. Seriously everyone here believes in Jesus which is really awesome and difficult at the same time because they all feel the need to slam doors in our faces because they think they all already know enough. But it's all good because the people willing to listen make it all worth it! We were able to teach this lady on her porch about the book of Mormon and she really wanted to learn more. I have never felt the spirit so strong as I did bearing my testimony and then she prayed and told Heavenly Father that she was so thankful for us being presented to her. It was such an amazing experience even the Polish lady next door that slammed the door in our face made me smile haha. It really is the best feeling when the spirit testifies to someone that we are servants of God and not just some weird people knocking doors.

I can't believe you sent us a Christmas tree! haha mom you are seriously so awesome! We were going to buy one today but now we are set! I guess for Christmas ideas I just want a ton of Pictures and some CD’s haha. 

We sang happy birthday to you yesterday! :) I hope it was awesome! Time is flying by! it's been a month that I have been gone this week! Crazy!  We have been working super hard on finding people because basically the previous sisters left us no investigators haha. But it's cool we are getting the hang of things and finding where everything is. We have been meeting with a lot of members just so we can get to know the ward members because the ward members here are like crazy supportive of missionary work! Some people take it so seriously it's like their second job. I love it! They are all so helpful! I'm sure they might be able to just loan me a bike haha. Our area is so big though I think that we are just going to stick with the car. We tried walking one day and it took 40 minutes just to walk to our actual area and then we had no time to even find people because we had another appointment. When we first got here we didn't have any miles to use because the sisters before also didn't leave us with any miles haha. Oh I don't know if I mentioned that I have been the driver because my companion's license expired haha. But yeah it has been annoying not having miles but it's finally a new month! So we should really be moving now and have more appointments :)

This week has been a good one! I miss you guys hope you all are doing good! Tell my brothers they should write me haha. I loved that thanksgiving book! It was so funny! I really loved Dad's turkey hand and how all of my brothers have little kid hand writing and they are all above the age of 12. But seriously it was really funny! Dolphins be like eeee eeeee haha. Sister Brooks out!

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