Monday, May 19, 2014

We went to the Louisville, Kentucky Temple!

Hey There my people! :)

Thanks so much for sending my temple clothes! It felt so nice to have my own temple clothes. It was really awesome! We went to the Louisville, Kentucky Temple! It is pretty much the same size as a regular church building it is pretty adorable! Then we went to Chickfila! haha. And talked about how crazy missionary mom's are for about an hour haha. It was really awesome to go the temple! 

I've been thinking so much about Dion. I really think he wants his work done. I have really been missing that guy lately. We went on exchanges after the temple so I was with Sister Mumford and dude I love her she is hilarious! We stayed up pretty late talking about crazy mission stories. But anyways we were just driving and I saw a group of motorcycles drive by and they had a police escort for a funeral. I seriously just started crying when I saw them haha it was kind of funny. I was like why the heck am I crying. I was just thinking about Uncle Dion and all his friends at his funeral. I just felt really sad for those guys on the motorcycles. It's crazy like this month it has been two years since Dion passed away. I know that he is here with me along with grandma. It's funny to think that crazy guy is out here with me helping me teach. I really love Uncle Dion and just his giant heart. He always tried to hide it but everyone knew he would do anything for anyone. I really hope you guys can get his work done. I know that’s what he wants he is definitely waiting! 

I've wanted a blessing for awhile so I finally decided to get one so I asked Elder Twitchell after I had a breakdown about Uncle Dion. It was a really awesome blessing and really comforting. 

We had Zone Conference and that was real wild! It was super good! We learned a lot about Joseph Smith like that he ran for president... I had no idea! And President of course had some real bomb talks! We got trainings on how to be powerful missionaries and it's all about planning and diligence. I saw Elder Anderson and we both reminisced about West Lafayette and how the ward is now split which is like the saddest thing ever!
We almost met the standards of excellence this week! Which is 20 lessons we got 19. But also 2 days this week were completely filled with meetings and the temple. So we are going to kill it this week for sure! :) We have a lot of work to do! It is super awesome! I love Greenwood so far! All the people are so kind and pretty open to talking except the Nazerns that hate us haha. 
So Sunday I sort of was asked to give a talk it was more just sharing my testimony and I taught Sunday school. First time teaching alone man... That was pretty wild! haha. 
Tell Grandpa he isn't allowed over if he waste stuffed crust that just isn't right! I miss you guys too! I'm actually a little homesick this time around. But I pretty much just miss being able to call you when I'm sad about Uncle Dion and things like that haha. I miss Dad too! On exchanges we taught this guy named Gene who pretty much looks like a 90 year old version of dad and he spaces out a lot. haha. The whole time he was spacing out just like dad it made me laugh. 
Oh so we had a miracle well actually a lot! But this one is pretty cool. So we called a number that this guy Alex gave the elders. We left a voice mail for Alex and got a call back wondering who we were. He said his name was Derek and we were like oh sorry wrong number but are you interested in hearing a message? Then we taught him over the phone!! haha. Then we were like where do you live and he said Greenwood! Crazy already! So he gave us his address and we went over last night and he said that his grandma who passed away kept telling him that he needed to listen to us!!! So Crazy! haha. So now we are teaching this guy! Pretty wild stuff!
DUDE we have an investigator named Lone Eagle! haha. He is Native American! He loves the book of Mormon for obvious reasons! haha. But then decided to get baptized in a Native American church on the Sunday he went to our church. haha!  So the Elders stopped teaching him but we went over and he told us that he has been reading the book of Mormon everyday! :) We have a lesson with him tomorrow. Sister Petty is going to go with us. But seriously I'm a little too excited to teach this guy! He is such a baller haha. He has eagles all over his house! I'm pretty sure I'll have to wear my eagle shirt over there someday. He talked to us about communists for quite some time. I think he has a lot of cool stories to tell haha. 
Well I love you all so much! It's so great to be back! :)
Stay classy keep praying!
Sister Brooks

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