Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm just so excited to be back! I'm like the happiest person ever!

Well I have one email.... Literally one.
haha. Thanks mom! My friends are lame!
So yeah it is so awesome to be back in Indiana! :) I'm so happy that I'm here in Greenwood, Indiana! It seems like a really great place!
We are the first Sisters in the ward within like 20 years or the first sisters in the 1st ward ever I think. It's pretty wild! So everyone is really excited to have us in the ward! They were telling us that it is like Christmas again! The elders in the ward told everyone they are worried they will never be fed again haha. 

So when I got off the plane in Indiana I pretty much was losing my mind that I was about to see everyone again. As soon as I saw President and Sister Cleveland I just started crying. It was just such a relief to finally see them again! I'm pretty sure the assistants filmed me haha. Then we drove to the mission office and Sister Howard and Barrett were waiting for me!!! Sister Howard did the creepy one eye around the corner thing. She just started crying when we saw each other and we hugged like 50 times like is this real life!?!?!?! They are seriously the funniest sisters! I love them to death! I stayed the night with them and we stayed up all night pretty much haha. I was pretty tired the next day at transfers but it was worth it! We were talking about all the weird amazing times we had in West Lafayette. I sure do wish I could visit there. Someday! 

Transfers were real wild! It was so crazy seeing all my homies! The first person I saw was Elder Johnson and he seriously almost hugged me because he forgot we were missionaries’ haha. I was so excited to see him! Then I saw Elder Romcy who finally left Lafayette and he is a DL now! I got to talk to a lot of people that I missed :) it was awesome!
Then two people from the MTC are in my zone now! So that is pretty wild! We have the Canadian and Elder Twitchell haha. It's exciting!  Also P. Sorenson who I served with in West Lafayette. We had combined District Meeting this week and we pretty much spent the whole time talking. It's just so great to be back! Apparently I'm like a mission legend haha. That is what I have been told. The elders have been talking about me coming back for a while now so some of the members knew about me. Kind of weird but cool.
I'm realizing I hardly know any of the Sisters because we never really serve around each other so you get to know like one person at a time.

I'm working on my slang again because I realize it came back in the three months I was home and it's hard not to say words like shut up sometimes haha. Then I think of Libby and Kigh saying we don't say that word.  

Sister Warner is super nice and the whole mission loves her so I love her too. She is from Texas and we are both pretty laid. So we work pretty well together. She also loves to work hard so that is something else we have in common. 

I keep having a dream that I'm going to give a talk to missionaries and tell them not to take this time for granted. So I have a feeling I'm going to give an actual talk about that one of these days. 
We have spent a lot of our time this week planning since we are both brand new to the area. I think President really trusts me with double transfers because this is my second one and only my second area haha. So that it pretty much my life. I had a feeling I would be opening an area as soon as he said some sisters would be opening an area. I thought it might be Crossroads but I'm pretty sure you would be glad it wasn't because it is pretty ghetto there and they have never had sisters there until now. Sister Howard really thinks that I will serve in the ghetto because apparently I'm meant for it haha!

I'm just so excited to be back! I'm like the happiest person ever! I can't wait to actually get to work because this past week has been a little slow. But we really have so much work to do! It will be awesome for all the single sisters who can't have elders over. 

We met one of our families who is investigating and they are adorable! They are all rednecks like authentic rednecks! Finally! haha. I love them already! They have a neighbor friend who comes over and he has and accent and a speech impediment he is like 11. So adorable! He asked us how you can know if god is really there for sure and he was so nervous to ask. We just want to adopt him haha. So this area is going to be fantastic! Oh also I totally saw Sister Haight! Cray Cray!

I love all of you! Pray always!
Sister Brooks

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