Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We have been so blessed with people to teach!

 Doctor Ditty :( I love that guy! He seriously is the best. He is in my prayers for sure! Tell him Sister Brooks loves him! He helped me get back out here. That makes me all teary. I just want to hug all of the Ditty's and bring them casseroles. Give them my love! 

I wish we could have gone camping when I was still home. We played sports like literally all day yesterday and I'm very sore haha. We played some basketball, ultimate, some Indiana bag tossing  (obviously I don't know what it's called), some football and soccer. We were so exhausted when we got home last night we both crashed haha. So we had prep day until 6 and went to a ward party until 8. Then still got a lesson in there :) We have been so blessed with people to teach! We taught 24 lessons this week... So that was sweet. We have 6 new investigators! 
We have been working super hard and it has been great! I'm so glad I can physically do the work now! haha. Back in the day I couldn't have worked this hard. I'm so happy though mom! I love love the people and everything. It really is so much easier being diligent and obedient because that is when all the blessings come. 
We just taught Lone Eagle before coming to the Library.... Dude he met Ringo Starr!!! And has a picture with him. He actually met all of The Beatles. Also he has a signed poster from Elvis Presley's last concert... I'm like mind blown haha. I really hope we can get him progressing because I will be extremely sad if we have to stop teaching him haha. He is such a bro! His friends took him out for his 76th birthday to one of the Pacer Miami Heat games last week. He has like a fan club I'm pretty sure because he is the sweetest old man with the best stories. I don't remember if I told you he told us about Vietnam and he cried... Aww Lone Eagle! haha. Elder Twitchell said they never got him to cry before so I think we are on another level here. He calls us the Mormon Girls. When he prays he calls Heavenly Father Grandfather and Jesus grandson. We were so confused at first but then he explained it too us haha. 
There is this 12 year old boy Tyler who is neighbor of one of the families we are teaching and he is so adorable! He has been coming to the lessons. The first lesson he asked how we can know if god is really there. We told him he could pray and ask if he was really there. The next time we taught the first thing he said was I did what you said!!! I asked and he told me he was there. And that he felt it in his heart as soon as he asked. GAHH he is the cutest thing! The other day we went to the families house to invite them to the Memorial Day party as soon as he saw us pull up he ran in his house grabbed his book of Mormon and booked it over to us. He was like I'm here, I'm here!!!! He was holding the book of Mormon so close. As soon as we got in our car to leave we both started crying haha. That little boy has our hearts. It really makes you think of how amazing what we have really is. This little boy is so excited to learn about god. He has never had the chance to learn. I've known my Heavenly Father, I've known the book of Mormon and all that. But I have always taken it for granted. This is all this kid wants and I've had it all this time. We really need to realize how great the gifts we have been given are. We need to share it with everyone. Read our scriptures, go to church, and pray. Heavenly Father loves us so much and he has given us these gifts freely so use them!!! 
So on Sunday we decided we were going to get one of our investigators to church by meeting at his house so he could follow us there. He decided to get out of it and tell us he was in the hospital haha. We were seriously so mad... but I guess that is a good thing to be disappointed he isn't progressing haha. I hate agency sometimes. But we did have one investigator at church :) She is a 12 year old girl who is the cutest! We are best friends by the way haha. Sister Warner said me talking to her is like me talking to myself. The elders in the ward had been teaching her but then she told me they freaked her out and she wants us to teach her! So maybe we are poaching on the elder’s investigators a bit haha. She reminds me of Veronica I think that is why we are homies. She always talks about her cousin and it reminds me of when me and Roni were little.
Oh we taught a drunk couple haha. We were just walking down the street and this lady was like hey what are you doing come teach me! haha. So we walked over and they told us they had been at the race all day.... Soooo drunk. Then they asked how many wives we were allowed haha. Then a pizza man came and they offered us pizza. She kept talking about her "hot tub pool" She was like I just swam in my hot tub pool.... She said it like fifty times. Then she hugged us...So I can know say I hugged a wet sun burned drunk lady that I just met. haha. Missionary work gets wild sometimes. We also prayed and held hands. She invited us back so I hope they are sober occasionally so they can feel the spirit... Or possibly remember us. 

Well I love you people! Sorry It's soooo long I guess a lot happened this week!
Love you!!!
Sister Brooks


Crazy Weather...

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