Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We are preparing for Chloe's baptism!!!

Hello human beings! 
So we are preparing for Chloe's baptism!!! This is real life! She is getting baptized July 26th and we are all soooo excited! We took her to why I believe on Sunday. Someone asked us if we were related haha. Gosh I love Chloe! I told her my spirit animal is Beyonce and she stared at me for like 10 minutes and was like oh really? She just can't see the fierceness. 

Interviews went well :) just real short, simple and spiritual like usual haha. I'm senior companion now. He just wants me to be able to take the lead. So it seems like I'll be staying here. But you don't really ever know with president because he likes surprises sometimes. 

So we have met some pretty great people this past week! We are now teaching this guy named Johnny. He told us that he had been in prison for 10 years and that is the place where he first felt the spirit. He also has a pretty crazy survival story. He was in a head on collision with a semi truck and basically his whole body was broken and he was in a coma for a month. He said his mom always told him he should be a Mormon but it would be too difficult. So now he wants to know why. :) He has already been reading and praying. He is like super excited to find his answer. It's funny how nervous we were to talk to him because he is a giant guy haha. But we did it. Super glad we did! He is such a cool guy! 

Everything is going pretty well! I'm like hitting my 6th month mark soon haha. What the?! 

Well I love you guys! 
Sister Brooks

On our way to Why I Believe with Chloe and her Grandma. :)

We were working in the rain all day so that is why we look so crappy !

On exchanges :) 

People in Indiana don't understand that we Utahan's don't get the pleasure of seeing squirrels on the daily. 
 Waiting for the interviews. 

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