Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July week craziness...

This past week has felt somewhat jack haha. Having a full day off on Friday was some weird stuff. Because not sure if you knew but p-day only lasts until 6 usually and we got until 10:30 on Friday.

Monday we didn't have a full p-day so we went out and worked, Tuesday I had a stomach bug so I slept like all day but we still got 3 member presents haha, Wednesday we had like 4 hour car stuff, then Thursday we did service like half the day and went to dinner at bdubs with two 20 year old boys... Probably the most jack day ever! But we got a super solid investigator out of it. Then Friday we had the entire day off and we went to the mall with the elder’s haha.

So story behind going to dinner with two 20 year old boys... We had a lesson with one of them in a members home and then afterwards we were going to go home and eat but then we were just like hey let’s just go grab some food. So he had to pick up his friend and we went to dinner. We taught the restoration and then our conversations got split off in to two which made it feel super like a date and really awkward. The kid told me like his entire life story and yeah now we are teaching him. We took him on a church tour and he came to church yesterday! He is super solid! He hooked me up with a bunch of Christian rock music :) I really want to serve on campus one of these days it's so much easier teaching people your own age! He is a super nice kid reminds me a lot of Hayden they are like twins haha.
4th of July was pretty good! It was just super weird not doing missionary work all day. We took a nap, ate McDonald's, played some ball, gamed it up, ate some more and then played some more ball. Then Sister Warner needed a blessing because she wasn't feeling super great so the elders all came to our apartment which was also weird. I felt like I was back home hanging with some of my buddies.
So not sure if I told you but our mission is doing church tours and they are pretty awesome! We basically take a member and their non member friend/ friends around the church and teach them the restoration lesson through showing them paintings. It is super great :) The spirit can really be felt throughout the tour. 
I honestly like didn't even care about fireworks this year haha I think I saw like two. I feel like there aren't really rules here with them though like people are setting them off all night and all the time. So it's kind of hard to sleep sometimes. I'm pretty sure ever since the 4th happened you like can't go outside and not hear fireworks. It sounds like gun shots all day every day. 
The monopoly game is sweet thanks so much Jojo! :) I gave the elders all tie pins since they were missionary ones haha. They were all happy because they already all have matching ties. Thanks so much for all of the stuff you sent! 
Well I love you guys! 
Sister Brooks 

I got to wear one of Lone Eagles chokers haha. That is the day I was sick so that is why I look the way I do haha. 

We had purple day for district meeting haha. They all have matching ties because they are women. 

He answered the door and said "come to the dark side we have cookies" Nerdiest and best experience of my life haha. The light saber I'm holding he got for his graduation present.

This is Bessie Brown and she is a member of our ward. I love her! She has us over at the nursing home to eat cafeteria breakfast with her haha. She just speaks her mind and it's hilarious. She is like 87!

Elder Twitchell and Steab. They are my favorite Elders! Elder Steab is like a puppy haha.

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