Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mormons do party!

My week is going pretty well! Missing you guys a little and I'm kind of jealous you guys are in California without me! But I'll catch ya next time. We are having this like extremely well planned barbecue this weekend in our ward. So that should be pretty wild! They like have this big fireworks show and everything. The guy in charge showed us his like map of the BBQ I've honestly never seen such intense planning haha. We are trying to invite everyone so they can see Mormons do party!

So we do service at this club for people over the age of 65. We work in the food pantry there. We usually go on Tuesday's but this week we decided to go on Thursday and we were waiting for the truck to get there so we could unload the food. This old man came over and asked us who we were and we told him and he was like oh do Mormon's dance. We were like Heck yes we do! So we ended up folk dancing with old people. It was seriously the best thing ever. They were so pumped to have us dance with them! So I think that should be our new service project. 
The other day we were teaching Chloe about the Ten Commandments and somehow the 7 deadly sins came up. Her grandma was trying to remember what they all were and she said greed and obesity. I was like dying of laughter haha! Obesity is pretty accurate. 
This week we taught this Baptist guy who basically let us come over because he wanted to make sure that we were saved. We were like super hesitant when he came over to us and asked us where we thought we go after this life. So he thought we didn't know. We were just thinking he was going to tell us we were going to hell like most other people do haha. But he believes we are saved so that is dope. He is pretty crazy but I think he is honestly trying to be a missionary. 
There is an old man sitting next to me in the library and he keeps yelling at his computer that he just doesn't get it. haha. I'm too afraid to help him. 
So yeah this weekend should be pretty great! I can't believe I would have been on my mission for like 9 months now if I didn't go home. Instead it has been 6 months for me. Pretty wild stuff!
I love you guys! Have fun!
Sister Brooks

I'm braiding her hair for her baptism

I curled Chloe's hair at their young women's activity. I actually curled like 6 girls hair haha. It was so cute to see their confidence levels increase as soon as they saw their hair. :)

I won this dinosaur out of a claw machine! My companion brags that I can win these haha. I named him Jerome :)

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