Saturday, September 27, 2014

Faith is definitely a requirement to success as a missionary and in anything you ever do!

What Y'all Doing!?
My week went pretty well. I'm really tired. I started working out 2 times a day now and I think that it is making me really tired but I lost five pounds so I think I'll just be tired haha. I'm really working on it because I feel a lot better about myself. 

We pretty much had dinner appointments every night this last week and we are pretty full this next week. So that is sweet!

So this lady texted us this week and just said "I'm ready to study with you guys again want to come over tomorrow?" So we were like heck yes... but by the way we are sister missionaries and not elders. She was super pumped because the elders always had to talk to her on her porch. She seems like she basically wants to learn at this point but then comes conversion ;) haha. The Elders of course were hating and are hating because she apparently has talked to them before and they told us she has no real desire. I'm like hey get out of here people change haha. I get so annoyed when people doubt. Like Lone Eagle no one ever thought he would be baptized... well look who is baptized. Faith is definitely a requirement to success as a missionary and in anything you ever do. You can't go in like oh this person will never change. You have to go in with an open mind and just love the people. That is step one and then the spirit can be with you.

Yeah that would be great if you could send some winter stuff like my sweaters and stuff it is starting to get cold! Today is pretty cold. 

Little Stevie is going to get baptized next month and hopefully his sister too. He is Dallon's age and he pretty much messes with me like we are family it's funny. Yesterday he told me I needed to drink some 'haterade' because I don't like Linkin Park or White Castle haha. Then we played Uno with their family for FHE last week and I told him he couldn't play a card and he was like okay worst Uno player ever! haha. I love that kid and their family is the best! :) Yesterday during the lesson he said he knows that god loves everyone and we are all his children. Then he said he thinks that maybe we just feel closer to god when we go to church because he knows we are choosing the right. Gahhh it was the cutest. Why can't my brothers be cute like that!? 

Well I love you guys! 
God speed! Sister Brooks

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