Monday, September 29, 2014

Women's conference was super awesome!

My week went pretty well... okay haha. It has been kind of a weird week. But not really a bad week. It's feeling pretty weird that I have been in Greenwood for almost 6 months. I feel like I've moved in.

I keep laughing about that sister from England who doesn't like the Arctic Monkeys. Dad was just really upset about that. haha. I hope that sister didn't scar him of hating on sister missionaries forever. There are some cool ones sometimes. It's funny though because I think our family will just always like elders better since dad was taught by elders. Even me sometimes I'm like sisters are lame haha. Then I realize I'm a sister missionary... I'm pretty lame though so it's okay.

Women's conference was super awesome! I loved how the theme was basically eternal families. I was writing a letter today and pretty much bore my testimony of eternal families on accident haha. I've been thinking a lot about it and the miracle that temples are. I think it's crazy how young we were and how we can still remember being in the temple together as a family. The temple is a really amazing place. It's heaven on earth! I wish that we could go more often in the field. But you best be going for me haha. Dion needs his work done for real.
Yeah it is so crazy it is like Halloween coming up real quick and all that!
Transfers are October 22nd. I think I'll be leaving but who knows?! haha. Sister Howard has been in Carmel for 7 1/2 months. He doesn't really change people when there are baptisms happening it seems like... so we will see. Sister Howard has been baptizing up a storm man. She is a really great missionary.

Aww tell Malinda I love her!

Well I love ya guys!

Sister Brooks

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