Monday, September 15, 2014

The Special Olympics so that was legit!

I missed you guys too on Saturday! But we went to the Special Olympics so that was legit! It was a really fun day! It was a little cold because the temperature for some reason is already dropping haha. But it will be nothing compared to the cold that is to come. But yeah it was really fun to help out and cheer for these awesome people. :) They played Softball and Corn hole. We had to make sure they were following the rules and kind of just keep score. Also we were photographers. It was an awesome day.
We did see some weird stuff driving down there haha. A possible Klu Klux Klan gathering... at least that is what it looked like but maybe they were just wearing white robes for another reason. It seemed sketchy.

Lone Eagle got baptized on Tuesday and it was basically the best day of my life so far. Just like this complete joy of seeing someone that you love making a covenant with god and then just seeing the light that comes. It's amazing! There has just been so much change in him. I love it! :) He still is Lone Eagle just with a bigger smile! I remember just crying when I first met him because I was just so grateful that I had been able to return to my mission and to meet such cool people. Sister Warner laughed at me haha. But I didn't care I just loved Lone Eagle from the start. I really hope that you guys get to meet him! You would love him! His baptism was really amazing! He was tearing up quite a bit it was adorable! It was pretty great to see him and Elder Twitchell together. He loves him he calls him Elder Switchell most of the time though haha. We are hoping to get Lone Eagle to speak at the next why I believe.

Johnny is already moving back haha! I think it is because he is supposed to join the church first. :) I'm pretty excited that he will be back here.

 It really is true though. We can recognize god's hand in everything even when things are terrible because everything we go through is to make us stronger or to draw us nearer to him.

A sister missionary from England in Tooele, Utah? haha that suckkkss. nah I bet she is cool with it. Tooele is just kind of lame.

Well I love ya guys! Stay solid. Trust in god!
Sister Brooks

This guy was so cute he was like hey ladies I won a bronze medal! Then he just posed for a picture :) aww.

 Missionaries Selfie :)

Eagles forevahh :) 

Lone Eagle made us cute little medicine bags :)

Delilah :)

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