Monday, September 8, 2014

Tomorrow is Lone Eagle's baptism! I'm excited! :)

Yep I'll be here in Greenwood for at least 6 more weeks. I'm glad I'll get to keep the 2014 Jetta haha. Well at least for now it might change we will see.

I'm really proud of dad emailing me it was pretty shocking! He is really growing. I still think it is funny he has an I Phone that he doesn't really know how to use.

This week was busy we taught Lone Eagle like four times this week to get him ready for his baptism. Nothing too exciting happened just the same stuff haha.

But tomorrow is Lone Eagle's baptism! I'm excited! :) He is too haha. He has to wear some of his Indian jewelry when he get's baptized. His friend made this tree of life necklace for him.  

We are teaching Crystal's kid's now and hoping they get baptized in the coming month.

Well love ya!
Sister Brooks

Saying Goodbye to Johnny!

  Dola told me I can never leave haha.

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