Monday, December 16, 2013

Missionary work is awesome and I hope you all are getting on that wagon! Help the missionaries!

Dear Mommy!,         

I miss all of you too! I'm glad Dad is waiting that is very respectful :) haha. I miss music a lot and it's hard not to get worldly songs in my head I mean that was my life before haha. I can't wait for all the new music when I get back! I knew my room would be turned into some sort of gathering place haha. It's like a place to meditate and think of me ;) just teasing.

I'm feeling better I just randomly feel sick sometimes but I think it might just be stress. I have so many vitamins now though and they all really help with energy. My studies in the morning have gotten a lot better. I feel like Dad cursed me with being able to sleep anywhere though because that happens a lot more than it used to haha.

Well one day I got my boots then the next day I got like three packages. Those pictures are awesome! I got one of the picture books not sure if there were any others but I've been showing everyone Maggie Puppy and Gretta haha. One of the elders thought she was my sister haha. Thanks so much for all the cute stuff :) We got our tree all set up with our presents under it for the 12 days. We have been taking pictures every day.

Missionary work is good still not really any solid investigators which is sad. We are just working hard to find people but it is so difficult during the holidays because everyone is too busy or not even home. Tracting hasn't been too successful. We set a date for Jane to be baptized March 22 and she was all good with that and then she called and said that she thinks things are going too fast. She is very confusing but I have a feeling she will call us again. It's just been kind of a rough week with finding but it's all good it will probably be a lot better after Christmas.

The ward we are in does this really cool Christmas thing where they invite families who don't have money for Christmas into our church and there are donations of toys from ward members. The parents get to pick a toy for each kid and then wrap all of them and they also each get new pajamas, underwear, socks, blanket and things like that. It's so awesome! They get family home evening kits so it's a cool way to invite them to learn more about the church. They had all of us missionaries greet people and when they were wrapping presents we helped them and got to know them. It's cool seeing how happy this makes all of these people. They seriously all had smiles on their faces. Grandma would have loved that situation haha. The whole time I was just thinking of how much she loved Christmas and wanted everyone to have a super awesome Christmas like her family :)

Christmas this year for me is a whole lot more meaningful! I feel so selfish for the way I treated all other years because it really is all about Christ and what he did for us. I'm so grateful for his atonement and the love that he has for us. No matter how far away we are from him he wants us to come to him. I think you should check out 2 Nephi 2:4 it seriously is such a bomb scripture! 

We really do have an amazing family! I have been thinking about all of you so much. I think that I have the two greatest parents in the universe! You seriously are the best examples to me and showing me how to work hard. My brothers seriously all have some amazing Christ like attributes. I know that each of them are just teddy bears and they all have so much love for people. Bradley is so willing to serve others and same with Dallon for some reason they just love to make people laugh it might be dad's example haha. Jordan is just such a sweetheart and couldn't hurt a fly he makes everyone around him feel his love. I love you all! :) Families are seriously the best and I couldn't ask for a better one! I need more pictures haha.

Missionary work is awesome and I hope you all are getting on that wagon! Help the missionaries! I feel like the ones in Utah may be neglected. Maybe that’s just because I'm getting super star treatment here though haha.  I really have been thinking a lot about the second coming this week.... Don't want to freak you out by dang that thing is coming fast! All these missionaries going out is insane! 

Man Eric Clapton festival! The new one is out now?! Tell dad he can't watch that tell I get home and see what he says then haha. I miss music... :*( But it will all be worth it! well it already is worth it haha.

Aww Uncle Shawn! I miss that guy! Tell dad we need to visit him when we get home! I'll try and drop something in the mailbox today. 

Welp I love you all! Thanks for the letters finally! haha. I love having them I just re read them all the time. I'm so excited to skype you next week! That will be stellar! 

Love, Sister Brooks

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