Monday, December 23, 2013

Heavenly Father has been blessing us for all the hard work we are doing...

I'm so excited to Skype you all! We will be with a older couple from our ward all day for Christmas. They have an i-Pad so I think that is how we will Skype. We get 60 minutes to talk and 5 minutes to set up the appointment on Christmas Eve. We are going to go do service all Christmas day and hopefully get a nap in there somewhere because we all know that’s the only thing I really want for Christmas. It might take me a bit to write back to letters this week but I'll try! 

We had a really rough start to our week this week. I thought that I might need a therapist haha. Mission life is really stressful especially when you have no one to teach and then everyone rejects you. We had some guy anti us basically and he is a member. It's weird how things like that can make you feel physically sick when they are just words. I was just being a baby though and you know just sort of had a meltdown haha. So I just called and talked to Sister Cleveland and she helped me out a lot she is super awesome! Sister Howard made me get a blessing. At first I was like really annoyed by it because I don't want to be the needy Sister in our district. Priesthood blessings are so awesome I really need to appreciate them more because I felt so much comfort from the words of that blessing. I'm feeling so much better now I think the Christmas party may have also been a part of that haha. It was so awesome seeing all my MTC friends and just seeing I'm not the only missionary who feels inadequate. But seriously don't worry! I have my vitamins I'm okay mom :) Also I'm good on the tights I seriously have like 20 pairs of tights. 

Our week also got a lot better because we found a TRAILER PARK!!! :D haha. The best people live there! Seriously we found a family there on Saturday and taught them about the restoration. They came to church yesterday which was a really good day to come because we both gave talks. Heavenly Father has been blessing us for all the hard work we are doing. We also got a referral that seems pretty legit! I'm really working on patience because you know most of the time I'm not a very patient person. I just want them all to be baptized already. 

We have been caroling a lot lately and it has been so fun! It makes people willing to listen to you. We are going tonight again and probably all day tomorrow because it's still a proselyting day.

Thanks so much for all the Christmas presents! I can't wait to open them either. It's weird like having presents sitting around since we never do that. I'm so excited for Christmas! It will be an awesome day I just really hope I can nap haha.

I've been getting a lot of mail and I LOVE it! :) 
I think that’s all I got to say bout that....
I love you all and I'm so grateful for a family like you! I think about how lucky I am everyday to have you and dad! You seriously are the best parents ever! I hope that you aren't too stressed with all your holiday work. I think dad should email me too.... I miss that weirdo! 

I love you! Sister Brooks

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