Monday, December 9, 2013

Share with people the reason you are a member of this church!

Hello Family People!

Well the reason I haven't written any letters is because I haven't received one since I got here haha. My mailbox is empty everyday :( I actually wrote you one a few days ago though because I gave in. Thanks for the music whoever sent that :) I'm sure it was you Mother! haha but thanks we love the modesty song! The tights fit pretty well and I love the skirts! Thanks Mom! I miss Jordan! I miss Dad and all of you!!! Please write me letters :)

Well this week has been extremely cold here! My skin is getting so dry! It snowed yesterday finally. It's like dust but all the Hoosiers are freaking out haha. We did some service this week raking leaves at the Veteran’s home. I have never seen so many leaves in my life! This place is just all trees! So now my arms are pretty buff...getting on that Bradley level there... I guess these guys had been raking leaves for the past two months! But they sure weren't done. I'm not sure if they even are now because we spent about 7 hours raking. It was fun though! I really hope we can find more places to do service.

We got a new investigator named Jane! These elders passed her along to us because she wanted to be taught by sisters. She is unable to walk. She is such a sweet heart and gives us diet coke :) She has read the book of Mormon twice and knows that it is true. She just has a problem with Joseph Smith but we are hoping to solve that problem! The craziest thing happened... so we challenged her to read Matthew 7 because it talks about fruits of labors and so she only read the first few verses and got stuck on the part talking about hypocrites so she called to try and drop us because she thought we were calling her a hypocrite. She like yelled and hung up so we called and left a voice mail better explaining what we meant. I had a dream that night that she would call us back the next day and my companion was like no way she hates us haha. But guess what she called the next night and told us we could come back! So I guess dreams really do come true! haha.

Last night we had a really awesome lesson with a less active family. As we were thinking about what we should teach we first thought that we should teach the restoration. I got this feeling that we really needed to teach about God's love and prayer. So we decided we would go with that and we found out that their daughter had tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago. I really connected with that girl and I felt the spirit so strong teaching her. They were probably the craziest nicest people I have ever met. But it really made me remember why I'm here on a mission is to help others come unto Christ. 

So I also was thinking that I need to start committing my family to do things... you know being a missionary and stuff....So I would like to commit all of you and who ever reads this to share your testimony with someone by the end of this year! Share with people the reason you are a member of this church! 

I love you all! I hope that you have a great week :)

Merry almost Christmas!
  Love your Sister,   
Sister Brooks     

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